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Blockchain for social growth

An advanced platform empowering people to build a new socio-economic model based on data assets, transparency and trust. 

Peer to peer interaction
Novel economic model
Increase social
Stronger communities

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Our societies suffer under increasing economic inequality, constant decrease of social trust, and lack of community spirit. Ressolid aims to foster the creation of a novel kind of local, technology-supported communities. Ressolid enables meaningful social interactions that reinforce trust and generate new economic models, increasing overall prosperity.


The Ressolid system will leverage advanced blockchain technology and recent regulatory changes to empower and incentivize people for storing, managing and having their data certified. Our mission is to create a new type of socio-economic model based on “data assets”, transparency and trust.


Social growth is based on institutional and peer-to-peer trust. The Ressolid idea is based on accepting and understanding the fallibility of humans, the fragility of trust, the need for strong systems and institutions. The Ressolid platform will apply game theory and systems theory to create flexible institutional architectures and economic mechanisms to incentivize open, honest, and truthful behavior.

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